Cane Creek Seatpost Shim

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Cane Creek's line of machined aluminum seatpost shims are available to fit a wide combination of seat tubes and seatposts, to easily adapt a frame to fit a smaller diameter seatpost than it was designed for. These are useful for mismatched or odd-sized frames, or for seatposts (such as Cane Creek eeSilk Suspension Seatpost) that are not available in a full size run. Each shim is expertly machined and anodized in black, with a laser etched logo and size indication. The ample length of these shims ensure maximum saftey and security at the seatpost/frame interface.


Material Aluminum
Shim Length  100mm
Size (mm) Weight
25.4 - 27.0 17g
25.4 - 27.2 19g
27.2 - 30.9 42g
27.2 - 31.4 50g
27.2 - 31.6 52g
30.9 - 31.6 25g
30.9 - 34.9 53g
31.6 - 34.9 44g
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