Carbon-Ti X-CarboRing EVO 5-Bolt Carbon Chainring

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Carbon-Ti continues to impress with their high caliber engineering and design. The new "EVO" outer chainrings are now produced with a thicker carbon fiber plates, creating a stiffer chainring and allowing more elaborate CNC machining. These ramps, together with the redesigned titanium pins, have the function of swiftly transferring the chain from the smallest to the largest chainring and allowing fast and precise up and down-shifting with both electronic and mechanical derailleurs. They are available in 54, 53, 52, 50, 40, 39, 36, 34 tooth counts.

Weight is kept low using a mixture of carbon (body), AL7075-T6 aluminum (teeth), and titanium (shift pins). Using these varied materials, Carbon-Ti is able to achieve both a lightweight and highly functional ring, the aluminum and titanium parts aiding in shift quality and durability. The carbon fiber inner ring is bonded to a 7075-T6 aluminum tooth pattern, resulting in a unique way to drop grams on your next build, while simultaneously adding a touch of high-end class. By reducing weight from your drivetrain, the amount of energy required for a revolution of the crank is decreased, therefore optimizing pedal stroke and increasing power.

These chainrings are compatible with Shimano 11 & 12-speed, SRAM 11-speed, and Campagnolo 11 & 12-speed drivetrains.

Not compatible with SRAM AXS 12 speed groups (choose the specific X-AXS chainrings here, X-AXS 110 BCD).

Only the 53 / 39 chainrings are available in either 110 BCD or 130 BCD.


Material Carbon (body), AL7075-T6 Aluminum (teeth), Titanium (pins)
BCD 5-bolt - 110 BCD or 130 BCD
Drivetrain Compatibility Shimano 11 / 12spd, SRAM 11spd, and Campagnolo 11 / 12spd
Not Compatible with SRAM AXS 12 spd groups
Optimal Combinations 54t / 40t | 53t / 39t | 52t / 36t | 50t / 34t
Crank Compatibility THM Clavicula SE / Quarq DZero
110 BCD 54 tooth 53 tooth 52 tooth 50 tooth
  ~114g ~108g ~104g ~93g
  40 tooth 39 tooth 36 tooth 34 tooth
  ~47g ~36g ~33g ~28g
130 BCD 53 tooth 39 tooth    
  ~115g ~45g    
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