Carbon-Ti X-Fix Chainring Bolts

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As an offshoot of exotic parts manufacturer, LLS Titanium, Carbon-Ti draws from a vast wealth of design and material science knowledge to bring the cycling community an impressive assortment of components for nearly every discipline.

The X-Fit chainring bolt series from Carbon-Ti is meticulously crafted to be the ideal bolt for nearly any available standard crank chainring interface. Each kit is designed to be universally compatible with any respective design. Each X-Fix mountain kit comes with enough bolts for any standard double OR triple design, making them universally compatible and simple to install. Each road kit features a set of 5 of the most common double-specific chainring bolts, taking the guesswork out of upgrading your build. Perfect for the cyclist looking for a dash of exotic Italian flair for their build, the X-Fix chainring bolt sets are a lightweight, minimalist option that won’t break the bank.

Like all Carbon-Ti products, this is proudly designed and manufactured in Italy.


Material 7075 Aluminum        
Package Contents
5 "male" - M8 x .75 x 7 mm 5 "male" - M8 x .75 x 5 mm 5 "male" - M8 x .75 x 7 mm
5 "female" - M8 x .75 x 6 mm 5 "female" - M8 x .75 x 4 mm 5 "female" - M8 x .75 x 8.8 mm
~8.5g ~6g ~9g



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