CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket 30mm Spindle

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CeramicSpeed, a global cycling innovation leader, has a rich history of transforming the sport. They introduced ceramic bearings to professional cycling, powering record-breaking performances. Their 30mm spindle bottom brackets, crafted with NASA-developed technology, are 58% lighter and 30-50% faster than steel. With a commitment to quality and innovation, CeramicSpeed continues to push the boundaries of cycling technology while maintaining a strong company culture that celebrates their cycling roots. Join them in redefining the future of competitive cycling.

CeramicSpeed's bottom bracket: Unrivaled low friction, superior power transfer, and remarkable longevity. Features Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls, hardened races, reinforced polyamide cage, and non-contact seals. Expertly hand-built in Denmark with a 4-year warranty. Elevate your cycling experience today.


Model BB Shell Width BB Shell I.D. Weight
BSA 68 mm / 73 mm 1.37" ~141g
BB86 86 mm / 92 mm 41 mm ~134g
PF30 / 386EVO 68 mm / 73 mm 46 mm ~154g
T47 External 68 mm 47 mm ~171g
T47 Internal 86 mm 47 mm ~150g
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