Custom Bicycles


For most cyclists, off-the-shelf bicycles are an excellent option for the affordability and general reliability they provide. A certain level of trust is placed in bicycle manufacturers to assemble bicycles in geometries that favor most riders, and with durable parts specifications and appropriate technological innovations. By and large, this trust has been well-established by these manufacturers and customers will generally experience a high level of satisfaction with their purchase.

However, a small subset of the cycling population has needs that can’t be met by a stock bicycle. These needs may be dictated by a rider’s physiology, aesthetic taste, a specific use-case, or simply a desire for something special and unique. It should be noted that a limitless budget is not a requirement here (though it certainly doesn’t hurt!)

If you find yourself pondering a new bike purchase, Contact Us! Whatever your situation, we’re sure to at least help point you in the right direction. We’ve been building custom bikes for 20+ years now, from tasteful color-matched daily drivers to over-the-top “weight weenie” builds that push the limits of modern composite technology. We’re not limited to the road here, either. We’ve built a great many custom mountain bikes, and the recent gravel craze has kept us quite busy. 

We hope to talk to you soon about your next bicycle! In the meantime, check out our blog for a plethora of unique complete builds, custom wheelsets, and other projects. 

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