Custom Wheels


Of all the components that come together to define a complete bicycle, the wheelset marks itself with a singular importance. While the shifters, derailleurs, brakes, etcetera receive frequent periodic use, the wheels perform their critical function constantly when the bike is in motion. The wheels are, fundamentally, what makes a bicycle a bicycle.

At Fair Wheel Bikes, we've built a reputation for providing wheelsets that are built to custom specifications in order to match the needs of individual riders. We occasionally generate a lot of attention building exotic high-end wheels, but we've built everything from the most budget-friendly stock wheelset upgrade to the absolute lightest lightest wheels in the world. Whatever a particular cyclist's needs are, we're certain to have an optimal wheelset solution.

When seeking a sensible upgrade path on a stock bicycle, the wheelset stands out as the most effective way to increase the bicycle's overall performance, whether that's through improved aerodynamics, reduced weight, increased durability, or a combination of these factors. Of course, aesthetic appeal is often a consideration as well, and we're always keen to match wheelsets to a bicycle's overall color scheme or design scheme.


If you're considering a custom wheelset, whether it's an addition to the fleet or a fresh set for a new bike build, we'd love to be a part of the conversation. Beyond the wheel components listed on our site, the options available to us are nearly unlimited. And fortunately, the custom wheel market is still alive an well. Manufacturers are consistently developing new rims, hubs, and spokes; we frequently evaluate new products to expand our virtual catalog of custom wheels. 

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