DT Swiss Rear Axle Adapter

Article number: 019-04-03
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Replacement EXP freehubs, will not work on older DT Ratchet sytle hubs.

All freehub kits include a drive / right side end cap, they don't include both. If you need to change your hub to a different axle adapter, please order the freehub without the end cap. You can find the correct kit here.


Campagnolo 9-12 Speed Campy N3W
HWYABL00S7073S 5 mm QR HWYABL00S2993S Thru Axle Kit
HWYABL00S7074S Thru Axle Kit HWRABL00S2321S w/o End Caps
HWRABL00S4864S w/o End Caps    
Shimano Micro Spline Shimano Mountain 10 Speed
HWYABL00S5374S Thru Axle Kit HWYABL00S5370S Thru Axle Kit
HWRABL00S4863S w/o End Caps HWRABL00S3123S w/o End Caps
Shimano Road 11 Speed  
HWYABL00S5399S 5 mm QR    
HWYABL00S5378S Thru Axle Kit    
HWRABL00S4866S w/o End Caps    
HWYABL00S5372S Thru Axle Kit HWYABL00S5382S 5 mm QR
HWRABL00S3830S w/o End Caps HWYABL00S5401S Thru Axle Kit
    HWRABL00S4865S w/o End Caps
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