ENVE Alloy Mountain Stem

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The Enve Alloy Mountain Stem is designed to deliver a more affordable alternative to the Enve M6 & M7 Carbon Stems while at the same time giving you the rider, confidence. Intended to complement the M Series carbon handlebars and their unique flex profiles, the Enve Alloy Mountain Stem was made with strength, weight, and ride quality in mind.  Each alloy stem is cold-forged, and then extensively machined. The blind bolt holes, and rounded shapes on the back side of the stem add an elegant and functional touch. The no gap face plate and clamp area ensures even clamping and secure handlebar retention. The clamp area features beveled edges to prevent scoring of sensitive carbon handlebar laminates.  In addition the stem features stainless M5 hardware to ensure corrosion free performance


Material Aluminum Aluminum
Length 35mm, 50mm, 65mm 35mm, 50mm, 65mm
Rise +/- 0 degrees +/- 0 degrees
Steerer Clamp Diameter 1 1/8” 1 1/8”
Faceplate Material Aluminum Aluminum
Hardware Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Stack Height 40mm 40mm
Torque Spec: Face Plate 5.5Nm 5.5Nm
Torque Spec: Steer Tube 5.5Nm 5.5Nm
Weight 115g (35mm), 139g (50mm), 160g (65mm) 118g (35mm), 139g (50mm), 168g (65mm)
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