ENVE Alloy Mountain Stem

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ENVE's Alloy Mountain Stem, a budget-friendly alternative to M6 & M7 Carbon stems. Crafted for M Series carbon handlebars, it seamlessly blends strength, weight efficiency, and ride quality. With options in 35mm, 50mm, and 65mm lengths, weighing ~115g to ~168g, this stem ensures both elegance and functionality. Torque specs at 5.5Nm guarantee secure handlebar retention. A reliable choice for riders seeking affordability without compromising quality.


Stem Length 35 mm 50 mm 65 mm
31.8 mm ~115g ~138g ~160g
35 mm ~118g ~139g ~168g
Steerer Diameter 1-1/8"
Stack Height 40 mm
Material Stem Hardware
  Aluminum Stainless Steel
Torque Specs Faceplate Steer Tube
  5.5Nm 5.5Nm


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