ENVE Handlebar Tape

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Enve has been manufacturing road-style handlebars for over a decade. While there are an incredible number for options for wrapping your Enve bars, Enve felt it was finally time to take the next step and produce their own special handlebar tape. This 3mm thick tape is equipped with a silicone backing strip to help dampen road vibrations, adding comfort for longer (or rougher) rides. A grippy compound on the outer ply of the tape ensures a secure grip on the bars, especially in wet conditions where it is most needed.  In recognition of the problem presented with their extra-wide gravel handlebars, Enve opted to produce each roll in 250mm lengths, so you'll never run out of tape, even on the widest, thickest handlebars. Enve's tape is stretchy enough for easy installation, yet durable enough to last through hundreds of miles of adventure.


Weight 98 gr. (Pair)
Length 250 cm
Thickness 3 mm
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