ENVE Silca Valve Extenders

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ENVE's valve extenders are manufactured by Silca and designed to fit ENVE's SES rims. These threaded extenders move the valve core out of the rim cavity for easy inflation access. The Silca design includes a rubber sleeve to prevent rattling noise against the rim. Compatible with tubular tires and removable valve cores, these original ENVE extenders provide a secure fit and leak-free operation when inflating aerodynamic wheelsets.

Install a valve extender, first use a valve core tool or needle nose pliers to carefully remove the valve core. Insert the valve core into the valve extender and thread it together. Finally, screw the extender-core assembly back into the valve stem. This allows the valve extender to be securely fastened without damaging the valve.


Weight (per Extender)
34 mm ~2.0 g
45 mm ~2.6 g
75 mm ~4.7 g


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