ENVE Silca Valve Extenders

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Enve valve extender sets are manufactured by Silca, and are designed to fit Enve's line of SES aerodynamic road rims. These original replacement extenders are threaded on each end, and function by moving the valve core out of the rim cavity. This type of extender allows for simple and convenient inflation, and will not leak. The Silca design incorporates a rubber sleeve which helps prevent noise from the valve extender rattling against the rim. These extenders are compatible with tubular tires and tubes with removable valve cores.




The 34 mm valve extenders are designed to fit ENVE's 3.4 series rims, the 45 mm extenders are designed to fit 4.5 and 5.6 series rims, and the 75 mm extenders are designed to fit 7.8 series rims.



Valve extenders are ideally installed using a valve core tool, or (carefully) with needle nose pliers. The valve's core must first be removed and then fastened into the extender. The resulting assembly is then threaded back into the valve.


  Weight (Per Extender)
34 mm 2.0 grams 
45 mm 2.6 grams 
75 mm 4.7 grams 
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