Extralite Aliens 4 Titanium Skewer

Article number: 11-02-04
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The Aliens 4 is the latest iteration of the Aliens skewer line offered by extralite. Like it’s predecessors, the Aliens 4 is an extremely handsome skewer with an admirable level of attention given to each detail. Unlike many other ultra lightweight skewers, the Aliens 4 features an extra long cam, making it easy to use, even under the harshest conditions. Additionally utilizing special rotating flange nuts and integrated stainless steel springs, Extralite makes installation and operation of the Aliens 4 skewers a seamless endeavor. Complete with titanium rods for maximum weight savings and compatible with either 130mm or 135mm hubs, the Aliens 4 skewers are perhaps the most versatile performance skewers available.


Weight 40 grams (Pair)
Cam Travel 1.5 mm
Rod Material Titanium
Rod Length 163mm rear
129mm front
Compatibility Road


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