Extralite BlackLock Rear Thru Axle

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With the rising popularity of thru axle designs being used by nearly every major fork and frame manufacturer, companies like Extralite have immediately filled in the niche for quality performance tuned parts that many discerning cyclists desire. With this in mind, Extralite has produced the Black Lock, a surprisingly lightweight thru axle skewer. Utilizing a unique externally tapered surface and precise dimensioning, Extralite is capable of shaving as many grams as possible while still maintaining a sturdy design that’s tough enough to withstand the abuse of a typical mountain bike ride. To ensure proper installation that’s as smooth as possible, each Black Lock comes with a self lubricating brass washer that is designed to reduce friction between the skewer and frame/fork.




Each Black Lock skewer is simply installed like your typical OEM skewer, using a 6 mm allen wrench at a torque rating of 10 Nm. It is highly recommended that threads are greased prior to installation to ensure a proper torque rating.


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Model Hub Compatibility Interface Length Thread Pitch Thread Length Weight
12.1 E-thru TA 12 x 142 Flat 172mm 12x1.5mm 18.3mm 29g
12.1B E-thru Boost TA 12 x 148 Boost Flat 178mm 12x1.5mm 18.3mm 31g

12.2 Specialized X12

TA 12 x 142 Tapered 161mm 12x1.0mm 17.2mm 29g
12.2B Specialized X12 Boost TA 12 x 148 Boost Tapered 166mm 12x1.0mm 17.2mm 30g
12.3 Maxle TA 12 x 142 Flat 176mm 12x1.75mm 19.2mm 30g
12.3B Maxle Boost TA 12 x 148 Boost Flat 182mm 12x1.75mm 20.0mm 31g

12.4 RA Scott Road pre-'20

TA 12 x 142 Flat 158mm 12x1.5mm 13.0mm 27g

12.4 RB Giant Road

TA 12 x 142 Flat 163mm 12x1.5mm 13.0mm 28g

12.4 RC Scott Road '20

TA 12 x 142 Flat 168mm 12x1.5mm 13.0mm 29g

12.4 RE Trek Emonda

TA 12 x 142 Flat 166mm 12x1.75mm 13.0mm 28g

12.4B Scott Boost

TA 12 x 148 Boost Flat 172mm 12x1.0mm 17.2mm 29g


7075 T6 Aluminum

Tool Fitting 6mm Hex          
Recommended Torque 8-10Nm          
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