Extralite Hyperbar 3 Mountain Handlebar

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Extralite, Italy's premier manufacturer of lightweight bicycle components, presents the third generation of their highly regarded HyperBar — a reversible, backswept flat bar designed for modern cross country mountain bikes. This handlebar is one of the lightest available anywhere and features an intelligent and attractive design. The HyperBar is formed in a high pressure 3D mold from sheets of efficiently oriented premium prepreg carbon fiber. This layup, along with the HyperBar's smooth transition from the 31.8 mm stem clamp, allows for minimal use of material without sacrificing strength. The bar may be flipped for either 5 mm rise or 5 mm drop, giving it additional versatility. The bar is printed with reversible graphics, stem alignment marks, and control lever placement marks.

Designed and manufactured with pride in Italy, all of Extralite's offerings exceed strict EN standards for fatigue and static strength. The HyperBar 3 is no exception, and is approved for cross country use by riders up to 200 lbs (90 kg). The Hyperbar 3 is not approved for use with bar ends, but may be shortened using a composite hacksaw blade. The bar is clearly marked with cutting guides to allow for quick and easy sizing.



We highly recommend that the HyperBar 3 be used in combination with a stem that features rounded edges at the clamp interface to avoid damage to the carbon surface. Extralite specifically recommends their HyperStem for use with the HyperBar 3. Use of a carbon assembly compound such as Park's Super Grip Assembly Paste is recommended to increase clamp security and reduce the necessary bolt torque.


Weight, 650 mm 92 grams
Weight, 700 mm 95 grams
Weight, 750 mm 98 grams
Rise +/- 5 mm
Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Material Carbon Fiber
Finish 3k Matte Finish
w/ Gloss Printed Graphics
Bar End Compatible No
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