Extralite HyperStem Stealth

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**All Hyperstem Stealth stems are coming with black bolts now**

The Hyperstem is tested well beyond the EN safety standard, Extralite is confident that the Hyperstem can be used in a wide range of applications, including road and cross country. Each stem is expertly machined in 3D CNC from a solid block of 7075 Txx aluminum, resulting in the best possible stiffness-to-weight ratio. As the connection between the bicycle's handlebars and fork, the Hyperstem's overall stiffness plays an essential role in conserving expended energy from the rider's upper body, through the handlebars, and into the main frame of the bicycle. This is especially important to consider in sprints and climbs - often the deciding factor in competition.

The Hyperstem combines minimalist machine work and grade 5 titanium hardware in an exquisite design in order to shave as much weight off and already lightweight bicycle component. The Hyperstem is an ideal option for the rider concerned with overall build weight. Easy to install with your current bar setup without unraveling any bar tape, the Hyperstem uses a simple 2 piece, 4 bolt faceplate design and is compatible with all 31.8 mm clamp diameter bars and 1-1/8" steerer tubes. A T20 torx wrench is required for installation.

The Hyperstem Stealth is laser-etched prior to anodizing, which reduces the visual impact of the logo for a cool, understated black-on-black aesthetic. 

GARMIN MOUNT UPGRADE: Extralite's new Garmin computer mount replaces the existing handlebar clamps on all current Hyperstems creating an aerodynamic and rigid platform for all Garmin models from the 1030 on down. When you order the computer mount we will replace the standard handlebar clamps with the computer mount. If you would like to have the standard clamps as well please order an extra set here.  If you would like to run a Wahoo computer with your stem, just add this adapter here, which adds a mere 3.4 grams.


Material 7075 Txx aluminum
Hardware Grade 5 titanium
Stem Angles +/-6° , +/-12° , +/-18°
Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Steerer Clamp Diameter 1-1/8"
Stack 38 mm
Max Torque 3 Nm
Recommended Use Road / Cyclocross / XC  
70 mm ~ 65 grams
80 mm ~ 69 grams
90 mm ~ 75 grams
100 mm ~ 80 grams
110 mm ~ 84 grams
120 mm ~ 88 grams
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