Extralite UltraPulley Single Pulley

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All UltraPulley models are equipped with a twin-bearing system and their width at the bolt fitting is 8.4mm . Phased pulleys were born to help guide the chain on MTB single chainring systems and can fit road systems too. Pulleys with phased teeth (PH) can also be used with standard double chainring systems with the benefit of a more precise shifting.

Most derailleur cages can fit pulleys with one or more teeth than the original however each setup differs slightly so you always have to analyze it specifically. As an example Dura Ace 11/12s have been positively tested with 12-12PH, 12-14PH and 13-13.

How to check the clearance of your cage at each pulley. Measure the distance from the center of pulley bolt to the inner edges of your derailleur cage The table below shows the max diameter for each pulley model with chain installed. Divide by 2 the pulley diameter (with chain) and compare the result with your cage clearance


Model Weight Position Diameter
11t ~5g Upper and/or Lower 54 mm
12t ~6.2g Upper and/or Lower 58 mm
13t ~7.3g Upper and/or Lower 62 mm
12t PH ~6.6g Upper and/or Lower 58 mm
14t PH(B) ~7.4g Upper and/or Lower 66 mm
16t PH(B) ~8.8g Lower 74 mm



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