Fair Wheel Bikes DLC Cables

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Fairwheel has made a dramatic improvement over traditional cable design with an extremely low friction and very durable coating. This coating is a mix of DLC (Diamond like carbon) and other compounds. The result is an incredibly slick cable with a coating that cannot be scratched off. The finish is dark brown with a subtle glitter-like sheen.

Normal teflon coated cables possess low friction surfaces, but over time the coating wears off and gums up inside the housing, ultimately creating the problem they are attempting to solve by increasing friction. Low friction cables allow for trouble free operation of brakes and shifters by reducing "noise" in these cable systems and decreasing stress and wear on the user-end components.


Package Contents


Each package contains one cable and one black aluminum cable tip.


DLC Brake Cables


Brake cables come with both a mountain bike and road bike end on the brake cables. This way they work with drop bar style STI shifters as well as flat bar and all aero brake sets.


DLC Derailleur Cables


Derailleur cables are designed for use with all modern road and mountain style shifters. Compatibility includes SRAM, and Shimano off road and road shifters as well as all Campagnolo shifters.


Weight 14g (Shift)
24g (Brake)
Material Stainless Steel
Coating Nano-Diamond Teflon
Length 2100 mm (Shift)
1700mm (Brake)
Diameter 1.1 mm (Shift)
1.5mm (Brake)






The DLC(diamond like coating) on Fair Wheel cables makes for a very slick surface that will not wear away over successive shifts as is common with Teflon coated cables

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