Fair Wheel Bikes Titanium Bolts

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Each of these premium bolts are masterfully machined from lightweight and strong grade 5 titanium. As an alternative to steel bolts, titanium bolts are highly corrosion-resistant, 50% lighter, and suitable for use even on high-stress points such as stem faceplates and saddle rail clamps. These bolts are available in four color options: black, blue, gold and rainbow. The black versions feature a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, making each bolt highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The color effect on the blue, gold, and rainbow bolts is achieved through simple heat treatment to allow for unique and striking bicycle color-tuning.

All M5 bolts (with the exception of the M5x10 T25 Torx bolts) are fitted with a 4mm hex wrench head. All M6 bolts are fitted with a 5mm hex wrench head. M5x16 bolts are now available with a captured titanium washer.

M5 x 10 mm & M5 x 16 mm are the only bolts offered in colors at the moment

Bolts are sold individually. (Excluding the 6pc Kalloy Stem Upgrade bolts.)



*When ordering Kalloy Stem Upgrade bolts be sure to have the M5 x 16 - 6pc Kalloy Stem Upgrade selected in the first drop down menu and the color you want in the second drop down menu.

As replacement hardware, these aftermarket bolts should be ordered based on the size of the bolts they are substituting. Below is a general guide on fitment:


M5x16-18mm   Stem faceplate and steerer clamp bolts, bottle cage bolts
M5x20-45mm   Flat mount caliper bolts
M5x10mm T25 Torx   Brake rotor bolts, bottle cage bolts
M6x15-18mm   PM brake caliper mounting bolts
M6x25-35mm   Headset top cap bolt



Material   Grade 5 titanium
M5 x 10mm T25   1.3 grams
M5 x 16mm   1.8 grams
M5 x 18mm T25   1.9 grams
M5 x 20mm   2.0 grams
M5 x 25mm   2.4 grams
M5 x 30mm   2.9 grams
M5 x 35mm   3.2 grams
M6 x 18mm   2.9 grams
M6 x 30mm   4.3 grams


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