KCNC Kasditor Disc Rotor

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The expert designers and machinists at KCNC are renowned for their ability to create utilitarian parts with a unique and bold aesthetic. In that same vein, allow us to introduce the Kasditor disc brake rotor. Borrowing from their previous tried and true minimalist rotor designs, KCNC has added a few more features to make the Kasditor even more appealing. By utilizing a beautifully machined 7075 aluminum spider and an aggressively laser cut rotor, the Kasditor inherits a handful of highly desirable characteristics. With the use of a 7075 alloy spider, each rotor is exceptionally light, while simultaneously remaining incredibly stiff to maintain constant and precise braking during long descents. Similar to a floating rotor, the 7075 spider additionally allows for better heat management for more reliable brake operation.




The KCNC Kasditor rotor is compatible with all 6 bolt ISO hub and brake designs, unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer.


Material 7075 AL
Compatibility 6 bolt ISO
Rotor Thickness 1.8 mm
Includes Rotor and hardware
140 mm 67 grams
160 mm 77 grams
180 mm 94 grams


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