Fair Wheel Bikes V.2 Carbon Seatpost Collar

Article number: 015-04-03
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The Fair Wheel carbon seatpost collar offers understated style coupled with performance and durability. Utilizing a dual loop design with machined aluminium pivots, this collar protects the frame and seatpost from over-torquing during installation or adjustment. Available in multiple finishes in order to perfectly dial in any aesthetic, this seatpost collar will compliment any paint scheme flawlessly. Offered in 3k carbon weave or unidirectional carbon with a glossy or matte finish, the Fair Wheel seatpost collar will look at home on every build, from budget to specialty, and ultralight to every day rider.


Material Carbon
Hardware M5 stainless
Height 16mm
Max Torque 6.5Nm
31.8mm ~13g
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