Far And Near Campagnolo 11spd Brake Hoods


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Far and Near is known for its broad range of affordable aftermarket brake hoods that seamlessly fit most common brake/shift lever combinations, often outperforming original equipment manufacturer (OEM) options.

Crafted from durable rubber that closely mimics the appearance and texture of original OEM hoods, Far and Near's brake hoods offer a budget-friendly replacement of comparable quality. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily match your bike's aesthetics, no matter how unique your setup.

Each set includes left and right hoods, meticulously designed for Campagnolo 11-speed Ergopower levers.



To achieve the best results, it's advisable to detach your levers from the handlebars before installing the hoods. This precaution prevents potential damage to the hoods as they slide over the lever.

For smooth installation, a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol is effective, providing lubrication and a tacky grip when it dries. Alternatively, a mild soap solution can be used for lubrication and the desired tacky effect. Hairspray is also an option, but it dries quickly, necessitating a swift installation.


Compatibility Campagnolo 11-speed Ergopower Levers
Weight ~47g (pair)
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