Far And Near Ultegra 6700 Brake Hoods

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Known for their vast repertoire of aftermarket brake hoods compatible with nearly every common brake/shift lever combo, Far and Near creates affordable options that outperform many OEM options.

Constructed of durable rubber compound that looks and feels like your original OEM hoods, the Far and Near brake hoods are designed to be a comparable replacement at a fraction of the cost. Available in a slew a colors, Far and Near make it easy to perfectly color tune your bike, no matter how exotic the build.

Included are two hoods (left and right), designed to fit Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 speed levers.



Far and Near highly recommends removing your levers from your bars and installing the hoods from the back of the lever. This prevents the lever from cutting the hood as it is slid over the front of the lever.

We've found that using a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol helps lubricate during installation and dries tacky keeping the grip in place. You may also use a mild soap solution which helps lubricate and to dries tacky. Another good option is hairspray but this dries fast so you will have to move quickly.

Will not work on Shimano Ultegra 6770 series shift/brake levers.

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