Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Stand

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As one of Feedback Sports' most popular products, the RAKK can be found in bike shops and on race courses throughout the world. Its simple, modular, and highly portable design lends itself to all sorts of applications, from retail display to personal storage and beyond. The spring-loaded arm eliminates any risk of damage to rim, spokes, or frame by gently holding a front or rear wheel by the tire only, while facilitating hands-free loading and unloading. The tapered wheel slot allows a wide range of compatibility - the standard rack fits narrow road tires up to 2.4" mountain tires, while the RAKK XL is designed for 27.5+ and 29+ tires in a width range of 2.5-3.0 inches. The modular design allows multiple RAKKs to be clipped together, creating a clean-looking mass storage solution while increasing the stability of individual RAKKs. When connected, the spacing between stands can be adjusted to accommodate wide and narrow handlebars. When not in use, the arm folds down flat for convenient storage.


Weight (RAKK) 5.95 lbs (2.7 kg)
Weight (RAKK XL) 6.3 lbs (2.8 kg)
Material Steel
Footprint (RAKK) 13.5 x 13.5" (34 x 34 cm)
Footprint (RAKK XL) 13.5 x 16" (343mm x 406mm)
Folded Dimensions (RAKK) 17 x 3.5 x 14" (43 x 89 x 36 cm)
Folded Dimensions (RAKK XL) 18 x 3.5 x 14" (43 x 89 x 36 cm)
Tire Compatibility (RAKK) 20mm road tires to 2.4" wide MTB tires
Tire Compatibility (RAKK XL) Optimized for 2.5" to 5" wide tires
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