FSA SL Headset Bearing

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The FSA SL Angular Contact Bearing is a great example of an inexpensive way to shed a couple grams from your vital moving parts. Substituting an aluminum cup for the bulky outer race, FSA has dropped over 25% of the weight from a traditional all steel bearing. This significantly lighter bearing still has two steel races and ball bearings, they have just been put on a serious diet. To slim them down FSA had to eliminate all superfluous material, without the bulky steel outer race you get a bearing that performs flawlessly at fighting weight. Since a headset sees little rotation throughout its life it is a perfect candidate for a bit of gram shaving. If you're trying to build the lightest bike possible, a set of FSA SL Headset Bearings are the perfect choice for your next project.


(Steer Tube Diameter Outer Angle x Inner Angle)
Bearing Dimensions (IDxODxHeight)
1-1/8" 36°x45° 30x41x6.5mm
1-1/8" 45°x45° 30x42x8mm
1-1/4" 45°x45° 34x47x7mm
1-1/2" 36°x45° 52x40x8mm
1-1/8" 36°x45° 13.1 grams
1-1/8" 45°x45° 14.1 grams
1-1/4" 45°x45° 16.9 grams
1-1/2" 36°x45° 22.0 grams
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