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The FSA SL-K series components are race oriented with weight, stiffness, and performance being key points of focus.  

The SL-K stems are constructed from 2014 aluminum alloy; this is one of the strongest and hardest aluminum alloys available and is typically used in aerospace applications.  The manufacturing begins with a 3D forging process which improves the material properties by allowing alignment of the grain structure.  This control over grain structure alignment results in the finished product having superior properties compared to those found in the alloy composition itself.  CNC machining is used to finish the manufacturing process, allowing fine control over material removal which results in lighter weights without any performance loss.  Further weight savings is achieved through what FSA terms “CSI” or carbon structure integration.  In this case, unidirectional carbon is used for the construction of the face plate, for additional weight reduction

The SL-K stems feature a 31.8mm stem clamp diameter and are currently available in 60mm/12 degree, 70mm/12 degree, 80mm/12 degree (all 12 degree versions are black with grey logos).


Material 2014 aluminum, UD carbon fiber (faceplate)
Stem Angles +/-12°
Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Steerer Clamp Diameter 1-1/8"
Recommended Use Road, Mountain
60 mm (+/-12°) 104 grams
70 mm (+/-12°) 111 grams
80 mm (+/-12°) 128 grams
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