HSC BB86 / 92 Ceramic Adapter Bottom Bracket

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HSC's ceramic hybrid bearings utilize grade 3 silicon nitride (Si3N4) balls combined with ABEC 7 hardened steel races. The grade 3 ceramic balls are exceptionally spherical, far surpassing the precision of grade 25 stainless steel balls commonly used in bicycles. This combination, along with low-friction seals and retainers, ensures superior performance and durability.

The BB86 (road) and BB92 (mountain) bottom bracket standards, developed by Shimano and Scott Bicycles, extend the Hollowtech II design by widening the bottom bracket shell. This places the bearings within the frame instead of in an external cup, and the bottom bracket is lightly press fit into the frame for a stiff, secure connection.

HSC's BB86 / 92 ceramic bottom bracket adapts, machined from Delrin, feature ABEC-7 steel races and grade 3 silicon nitride ceramic bearings for top cycling performance. They fit Shimano, SRAM GXP, DUB, Campagnolo, and BB386 EVO cranksets in 86.5mm or 91.5mm shells. With dual-lip seals and pre-lubricated with HSC grease, they weigh ~58-69g.


 The option you require will depend on the crankset and frame you are using:

Shimano HTII - Designed to fit 24 mm spindle crank.

Campagnolo Ultra-Torque - Designed to fit Campy Ultra-Torque 25 mm spindle cranks

SRAM GXP - Designed to fit stepped 24 / 22 mm spindle cranks.

SRAM DUB - Designed to fit SRAM's proprietary DUB design, 29 mm spindle crank.

BB386 EVO - Designed to fit 30 mm spindle cranksets, sometimes referred to as "long spindle" BB30 cranksets.


Shell I.D. Shell Width
41 mm Road - 86.5 mm / 90 mm MTB - 91.5 / 104.5 / 107 / 121 / 132 mm
Spindle 24 mm 24 / 22 mm 29 mm 25 mm 30 mm
Weight ~64g ~69g ~58g ~65g ~65g
Bearings 6805 - w7 29 x 42 x 7 6805 - w6 6806
Material Delrin Thermoplastic - Si3N4 Ceramic Hybrid
Installation Tool Quality bearing press



To avoid frame damage, we recommend that these BB86 / 92 bottom bracket adapters be professionally installed using a proper bearing press.

Please feel free to contact us directly for technical questions.

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