KCNC Carbon Rail Seatpost Adapter

Article number: 27-03-04
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KCNC's already popular Ti Pro Lite seat post uses the very common yolk and cradle saddle clamp. This adapter is designed to meet the needs of carbon railed saddles. Every contact point on the saddle is lengthened providing more contact surface and reducing any chance of scarring the saddle rail. The cradle itself is also longer, giving the clamp a larger footprint and support area.

These saddle adapter clamps are designed specifically for KCNC's Ti Pro Lite seatpost, but may also be compatible with other manufacturer's posts, so long as the cradle radius and yoke threads match. When ordering, please choose the clamps that match your seatpost diameter.


Weight, Yokes 15.2g
Weight Cradle 19.6g
Yoke Threads M6
Colors Black, Blue, Red, Gold
Material 7075 Aluminum
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