KCNC EVA Foam Lock-On Grips

Article number: 22-02-01
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For those searching for an understated foam lock on grip for their next build that won’t break the bank, look no further than the EVA Lock-On Grip by KCNC. Similar in shape to their original EVA foam grip, KCNC has improved the overall design by adding a nylon insert with a CNC machined aluminum lock-ring attached to ensure a secure interface between handlebar and grip. With simplicity in mind, the EVA Lock-On grip can be adjusted with ease using a standard 2.5 mm allen wrench, making it easy to change your position on the fly, while simultaneously ensuring a secure fit.


The KCNC EVA Lock-On Foam Grips are installed using a 2.5 mm allen wrench with a max torque rating of 2 Nm.


Material, Grip EVA Foam
Material, Lock-Ring Aluminum
Weight, Pair 48.2g
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