KCNC Front Derailleur Clamp

Article number: 022-04-02
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These front derailleur clamps, manufactured by KCNC, are designed to adapt braze-on style front derailleurs to standard diameter seat tubes. This design integrates the clamping bolt and derailleur mounting bolt to simplify things and save a little weight. Compared to a standard Shimano adapter clamp, these are 15 grams lighter.

Please note that two styles of this clamp are available - A standard 3 degree offset version, as well as a 0 degree offset, which may work better in specific applications.


Beyond standard derailleur placement and adjustment, installation of the KCNC derailleur clamp only requires use of the derailleur's mounting bolt. Once tightened, the clamp and derailleur are both secured.


Weight 15 g
Material 6061 Aluminum
Available Sizes 28.6, 31.8, 34.9 mm
Available Offsets 0, 3 Degrees


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