KCNC Indexing Front Thru Axle


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With the expanding popularity of the 15 x 100mm thru axle platform, KCNC has created a skewer option that sets itself apart in aesthetics, design, and price. Skillfully crafted with a totally unique cam, the Indexing 15 x 100mm thru axle skewer from KCNC is perhaps the finest aftermarket option available. Equipped with a clean, one-handed method for dialing in the perfect skewer angle for any frame, simply press the red button in the center of the skewer and rotate the cam to the desired position. By additionally utilizing a special rotating end cap, paired with a self lubricating brass washer, KCNC is able to greatly reduce friction during thru axle installation, resulting in an increase in torque, and overall extended wear life. Available in a slew of vibrant colors to perfectly color tune your build, the KCNC Indexing 15 x 100mm thru axle skewer is the perfect option for those seeking performance, aesthetics, and durability all in a budget minded package.


Model Interface Length Thread Pitch Thread Length Weight
Fox Flat 146mm 14x1.5 17mm ~84 gr.
Rock Shox Flat 148mm 15x1.5 11mm ~86 gr.
Material 6061 Aluminum  
Hub Compatibility TA 15 x 100  
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