KCNC Indexing Rear Thru Axle


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With the introduction of their 12 x 142 thru axle skewers, KCNC looks to set themselves apart with a unique style and mechanical advantage over other aftermarket skewers. Equipped with an easy to use system for dialing in the perfect skewer angle for your particular frame, simply press the red button in the center of the skewer handle and rotate the cam into any desired position in seconds. Additionally, each KCNC 12 x 142 thru axle skewer utilizes a free-floating knurled endcap, coupled with a brass washer in order to minimize friction between the skewer and frame, ensuring a proper fit every time. Available in a plethora of vibrant colors, ideal for tuning the aesthetic of your current ride or next build, the 12 x 142 thru axle skewers from KCNC are a simple way of adding a dash of flair.


Model Hub Compatibility Interface Length Thread Pitch Thread Length Weight
E-thru TA 12 x 142 Flat 171mm 12 x 1.5 mm 18mm 66g
E-thru Boost TA 12 x 148 Flat 177mm 12 x 1.5 mm 15mm 67g
Maxle TA 12 x 142 Flat 173 12 x 1.75 mm 21mm 64g
Maxle Boost TA 12 x 148 Flat 180 12 x 1.75 mm 18mm 66g
Syntace X-12 TA 12 x 142 Tapered 167mm 12 x 1.0 mm 19mm 65g
Material 6061 Aluminum          
Rod Material 7075 T6 Aluminum          
Recommended Torque 15Nm          
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