KCNC Long Tooth Ceramic Pulley Wheel

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When comparing modern rear derailleurs (11 speeds and up) to those from of a generation or two ago, an almost across-the-board difference can be seen in the pulley wheel tooth design.  Almost all pulley wheels for 11 speed (and up) rear derailleurs feature longer teeth than those from previous generations.  These longer teeth allow better chain retention and guidance while also improving shift quality.  KCNC, one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket pulley wheels, has expanded their line to include these longer-toothed pulley wheels as a replacement/upgrade for your factory pulleys.  KCNC’s attention to detail can be seen in the careful machining of these 7075 aluminum alloy wheels; the anodized black wheels feature weight saving cut-outs that add a bit of subtle styling while shaving weight.  While designed as replacements for current/modern generation pulleys, these are also compatible with and provide the same benefits for most older generation derailleurs.  Available in 11, 12, and 14 tooth versions, these pulleys feature stainless steel bearings and weigh in at 8 grams for the 11 tooth version, 9 grams for the 12 tooth version, and 10 grams for the 14 tooth version.

These pulley wheels are also available with ceramic bearings.  Also of note is that these pulley wheels have teeth that are all the same width, there are also narrow-wide versions available.  

All KCNC pulleys are sold individually.


Weight, 11 tooth 8 grams
Weight, 12 tooth 9 grams
Weight, 14 tooth 10 grams
Material 7075 aluminum
Bearing steel cartridge
Available Sizes 11, 12, and 14 tooth
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