KCNC Long Tooth UL Ultra Pulley Wheel

Article number: 021-02-03
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 This is an 'ultra light' take on KCNC's already popular long tooth pulley wheel. Optimized for modern derailleurs (11 speeds and up), these pulley wheels feature longer teeth than older generation pulley wheels. The longer teeth help provide much better chain retention, guidance, and improved shifting performance. They will likewise have the same benefits if installed on older generation (9 and 10 speed) derailleurs. 

 The 'ultra light' long tooth pulleys are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy, and feature a redesigned bearing dust cover, as well as more spokes which are more heavily machined than the standard long tooth pulley wheels, to a much thinner profile, and in turn shave over a gram of weight out of the finished product. 


Weight, 11 tooth 7.8 grams
Weight, 12 tooth 8.1 grams
Weight, 14 tooth 9 grams
Material 7075 aluminum
Bearing steel cartridge
Available Sizes 11, 12 and 14 tooth
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