KCNC Majestic Straight Seat Mast

Article number: 005-03-01
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The expert machinists at KCNC have designed an elegant looking seat mast cap that's sure to add some flair to your ride. CNC machined out of 7075 aluminum and equipped with titanium hardware, the Majestic seat mast cap is an excellent way to mount your saddle. With a variety of sizes, colors, and offsets, you're sure to find the right mast cap to dial in your ideal fit.




The Majestic Seat Mast is available in two heights: 50mm and 100mm. The functional stack (the distance between the top of the frame's seat tube and the saddle rails) of these seatmasts are 20-40mm for the 50mm version and 30-90mm for the 100mm version. 




Be sure to use a torque wrench set to 5 Nm (max) for all mounting hardware on the Majesitc seat mast cap.


Diameter 34.9 mm
Lengths 75 mm, 120 mm
Offset 0 mm
Material 7075 Aluminum
Max Torque 5 Nm
Rail Compatibility round
Saddle Height Adjustability
75 mm, 0 offset 2 cm
120 mm, 0 offset 7 cm
75 mm, 0 offset 88 grams
120 mm, 0 offset 109 grams
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