KCNC Pedal Extender

Article number: 27-02-04
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For specific fit needs where a wider pedal stance is required, KCNC’s Pedal Extenders enable extension of a pedal's spindle length.  Manufactured from durable steel and available in three different lengths, these extenders work by threading onto your pedal's threads in order to space the pedal farther out from the crankarm.  After removing the pedals from the bicycle, you simply thread the extenders onto your pedal spindles, then reinstall the pedals and extenders back onto the crank.  Available in three sizes, 18mm, 23mm, and 28mm, these pedal extenders are sold individually to allow maximum customization between left and right pedals.  The extenders use the most common 9/16” thread standard, and feature 17mm wrench flats for installation onto the pedals.  Please note that these are compatible with pedals that are installed using either outboard flats for a pedal wrench or a 6mm or smaller internal allen/hex interface.  If your current pedals use anything larger than an internal 6mm hex (and do not have any outboard wrench flats), they will not be compatible with these extenders.  If you have 6mm internal hex/allen interface only, the included insert must be used, anything under 6mm will not require the insert.  Please contact us with any fitment or installation questions.  


Weight, 18mm 27 grams (per side)
Weight, 23mm 32 grams (per side)
Weight, 28mm 35 grams (per side)
Weight, step-down insert for 6mm hex/allen installation interface 2 grams
Pedal Thread Compatibility 9/16"
Material Steel
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