KCNC Presta Tubeless Valve

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Meet KCNC's newest tubeless valve offering. This valve is made out of 6061 aluminum, and comes with a matching KCNC valvecap and locknut. What sets it apart from the other valves in the collection is the innovative design on the end of the valve that goes inside the tire. What KCNC has done, is they have added a 5 holed channel at the base of the valve, which makes them ideal for using on MTN and gravel bikes where the user has added a foam insert in the tire for low pressure and off road applications, or for use with sealants that have a higher concentration of particles in them. 

Each package contains 2 valves that are 50mm in length.


Weight, 50mm ~12 grams per pair
Material 6061 Aluminum
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