KCNC Pump Head

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KCNC's pump head provides a great aftermarket upgrade option for the most common floor pumps sold today. The stock pump heads provided by most manufacturers are composed largely of plastic, making them inherently fragile and prone to failure. The KCNC version is manufactured entirely of stainless steel and 7075 series anodized aluminum, with the exception of the rubber grommet seal. Another outstanding detail of this pump head is the smooth action lever, which pivots on ball bearings into a firmly locking detente. There is an adjustment at the valve entry to allow for varied locking pressure, or to compensate for wear on the rubber grommet.




The KCNC pump head fits rubber hoses standard on most floor pumps. It uses a standard compression fitting with a locking nut, which requires a 12 mm box-end wrench or an adjustable crescent wrench.

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