KCNC Reusable Cable End Caps

Article number: 006-05-03
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KCNC's new reusable cable end caps are a great way to add a small touch of color and precision-machining to your bike.  Using a two-piece collet design, these innovative end caps can be reused indefinitely.  Two machined and anodized aluminum halves thread together over the cable and activate a collet to secure over and protect the cable end.  An added benefit to this collet system is elimination of frays caused by crimping.  These cable end caps come is specific sizing for shift or brake cabling and are available in multiple colors to provide a unique accent to any build.

Each order includes two end caps, two black collets, and two silver collets.  Only one collet is needed per end cap, the differing collets are included to accommodate differing cable sizes and types.



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