KCNC Road Chain Catcher

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KCNC's chain catcher is designed to prevent a chain from dropping off of a road crankset's small chainring under sudden shifts or when riding over bumpy terrain. For competitive riders, chain catchers are essential equipment, but these devices are equally useful for recreational riders. A dropped chain will cause inconvenience in the best situation and injury or frame damage in the worst.

This beautifully machined chain catcher includes three different sets of mounting hardware for maximum compatibility with braze-on style front derailleurs and braze-on adapter clamps. Once mounted, an independent rotational adjustment makes placement of the chain catcher simple and prevents having to realign the derailleur if an adjustment is necessary.




A T25 torx wrench and 4 mm hex wrench are required to install the Kcnc Chain Catcher. One of the supplied bolts and its associated stud piece will replace the derailleur's stock mounting bolt on the front side of the derailleur mount or adapter clamp. Care must be taken when reinstalling the front derailleur to ensure proper alignment; please consult your front derailleur's mounting instructions for guidance.


Weight (with hardware) 19 grams
Material 7075 aluminum
Hardware stainless steel
Compatibility braze on derailleurs
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