KCNC SC9 Seatpost Collar

Article number: 005-04-04
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Ready for a simple, inexpensive upgrade? The KCNC SC9 seatpost collar may be exactly what you're looking for. Starting at a mere 12 grams for the smallest size, the SC9 easily comes in 15-20 grams lighter than stock seat collars. For us, the SC9 serves as a showpiece for KCNC's machining prowess, with tastefully aggressive machining along the outside and inside of the 7075 aluminum clamp band. To further reduce weight, a titanium bolt and gold-anodized scandium barrel nut are included in the design. Finish anodizing on the clamp is available in three colors, with laser cut KCNC logos and size indicators on all models.


30.7 mm 12 g
31.8 mm 12 g
34.9 mm 13 g
38.2 mm 14 g
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