KCNC SE Pro Lite Ti Offset Seatpost

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Designed and built with the same specs as the venerable Ti Pro Lite, the Sepro Lite Setback Seatpost from KCNC comes with 25mm of offset and is undoubtedly one of the finest setback posts available. Equipped with the same titanium hardware and 7075-T6 aluminum yoke system seen on the Ti Pro Lite, the Sepro Lite is a performance tuned seatpost ready for anything. Carefully machined from a scandium alloy tube, the Sepro Lite represents KCNC’s versatility in design and construction. With 25mm of offset, the Sepro Lite makes dialing in your ideal fit an effortless endeavour, while simultaneously maintaining a unique minimalist aesthetic. Budget friendly, light, and attractive, the Sepro Lite from KCNC is sure to find a home on a range of builds from budget minded to boutique.


Offset 25mm
Post Material scandium
Yoke Material 7075 T6 aluminum
Hardware Material titanium
Rider Weight Limit (XC) 85 kg (187 lbs)
Rider Weight Limit (Road) 100 kg (220 lbs)
Max Head Torque 5 Nm
Max Post Torque 8 Nm
Rail Compatibility round
Minimum Insertion
350 mm Length 85 mm
400 mm Length 100 mm
27.2mm, 350mm 188 grams
27.2mm, 400mm 205 grams
31.6mm, 350mm 201 grams
31.6mm, 400mm 220 grams
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