KCNC Single Speed SL Chainring Bolts

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KCNC’s single speed chainring bolt set is an inexpensive option for converting a standard double crankset to a single ring configuration. These SL series chainring bolt sets improve upon their preceding model with several key improvements that add functionality and reduce weight. The most significant improvement is the addition of a user-friendly 8 mm hex fitting on the nut, which greatly simplifies installation and removal. The bolt component features a larger 5 mm hex fitting which runs the full interior length of the bolt, reducing the likelihood of stripping out the tool slot. These chainring bolts are expertly machined from high quality 7075 aluminum and attractively finished in several color options. As a set of five nut and bolt pairs, they are designed to be compatible with most road and mountain cranksets, as well as single speed specific cranksets.




To avoid accidental loosening, we recommend that KCNC chainring bolts be installed with a medium-strength threadlock compound. In the absence of threadlocker, light grease may be used. When using a torque wrench, tighten each chainring bolt to a maximum of 8 Nm (80 in-lbs).

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