KCNC Ti Pro Lite AL75 Seatpost

Article number: 27-01-02
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The Ti Pro Lite AL75 is similar to the venerable Ti Pro Lite in shape, but significantly different in price and material. Crafted from 7075 T6 aluminum alloy as opposed to the traditional scandium found in the Ti Pro Lite, the Ti Pro Lite AL75 is both lightweight and extremely durable while keeping cost down. In a further effort to shave the price as much as possible, KCNC has equipped each Ti Pro Lite AL75 with stainless steel hardware, ensuring all tilt, fore, and after adjustments remain exactly where you desire, even over rough terrain. Offered with 0mm of setback, as well as in 2 distinct lengths, the Ti Pro Lite AL75 is the ideal seatpost to perfectly dial in your fit, while keeping weight down and reliability up. Rated for both MTB and road use.

Post Material 7075 T6 aluminum
Yoke Material 7075 T6 aluminum
Bolt Material stainless steel
Rider Weight Limit (XC) 85 kg (187 lbs)
Rider Weight Limit (Road) 100 kg (220 lbs)
Max Torque 5Nm
Rail Compatibility round
Minimum Insertion
350mm 65mm
400mm 100mm
27.2mm, 350mm 188 grams
27.2mm, 400mm 207 grams
30.9mm, 350mm 202 grams
30.9mm, 400mm 218 grams
31.6mm, 350mm 205 grams
31.6mm, 400mm 227 grams
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