KCNC Titanium Mountain Skewers


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This version of our very popular road bike quick release skewer only differs in that the rear axle is longer to fit the 135mm spacing of a mountain bike. These skewers bring the weight of your bike down at a reasonable cost. So next time you look at upgrading your bike or while you consider your new lightweight wheel set, consider the savings of a 46 gram quick release skewer set.

Designed with a progressive cam shaft design implementing a ball and joint socket to maximize surface area and create a self-aligning closure these quick release skewers will smoothly clamp down with the force needed to keep you secure and your wheel locked in place on your next trail ride as well as many, many rides to come. The Lever on the KCNC skewers are small yet cleverly designed to be easy to open and securely close. 


Weight 42 g
Cam Travel 2 mm
Lever Material 7075 Aluminum
Rod Material Machined 6/4 Titanium
Rod Length 163 mm rear, 124 mm front



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