KCNC Titanium Road Skewers


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The KCNC quick release skewer combines the right aspects of weight, functionality, price, and style. At 46 grams a set the KCNC titanium road skewers are more than respectable. Having said that, we do carry lighter skewers but at an exponentially increasing price for the weight savings.

The KCNC quick release skewer is functionally designed with a simple cam. A true ball and socket design maximizes surface area keeping the action smooth. Closing the quick release increases the force exerted on the joint, which also allows for quicker wheel changes. Further, there are no plastic bushings to deform over time, leading to a more durable, longer lasting quick release. Finally, as with all things KCNC they come in a variety of colors, ideal for matching and accenting your bikes.



Weight 41 g
Cam Travel 2 mm
Lever Material 7075 Aluminum
Rod Material 6/4 Titanium
Rod Length 157 mm rear, 124 mm front


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