KCNC Ultra Pulley Wheel

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Each KCNC Ultra series pulley wheel is equipped with a small yet durable sealed steel cartridge bearing and dual labrinth seal dust caps, all within an incredibly lightweight design. The wheel itself is machined in a spoked design from light and strong 7075 anodized aluminum.




Sold as an individual pulley. Compatible with Campagnolo, SRAM (road, X-0, XX1), and Shimano (road and mountain) rear derailleurs. (Stock Campagnolo 10 speed derailleurs are equipped with 10 tooth pulleys; SRAM, Shimano, and 11 speed Campagnolo are equipped with 11 tooth pulleys).


Weight, 10 tooth 6.6 grams
Weight, 11 tooth 6.9 grams
Material 7075 aluminum
Bearing 687, steel cartridge
Available Sizes 10, 11 tooth



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