KCNC Universal Tubeless Valves

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KCNC's tubeless valves have some truly unique and individual details. Each valve starts with a 7075 aluminum precision-machined stem, anodized in the signature KCNC hues. Like most tubeless valves, these come with removable cores making tire seating a breeze. The truly novel idea that KCNC brings to the table is the sealing grommet used. For each valve, KCNC supplies a set of five individually molded sealing grommets. These grommets are specifically designed to seal with the most common rim bed profiles on the market, allowing these valves to be used with whichever tubeless system you are currently using, or will use in the future. Since these grommets are precision molded, they greatly increase success the first time around, keeping your sealant inside the tire and not all over the floor.

Each package contains two valves in either 38, 50 or 65mm lengths, along with five pairs of rubber adapters to fit different shape rim beds.


Weight, 38mm ~9.5 grams per pair
Weight, 50mm ~11.0 grams per pair
Weight, 65mm ~12.5 grams per pair
Material 7075 Aluminum
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