KMC Missing Link

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Discover the versatile KMC Missing Link chain connectors, available in various speeds. The 12-speed version is perfect for KMC, Shimano and SRAM chains (not SRAM AXS). It features a DLC coating for exceptional hardness and requires an opening tool.

For 11-speed setups, the Missing Link offers non-directional assembly, working seamlessly with KMC, SRAM, and Shimano chains. No tools needed for this version.

Explore the 10-speed Missing Link, compatible with KMC, Shimano, and SRAM chains. It's reusable and adds convenience to your drivetrain.

Lastly, the 9-speed Missing Link suits X9 chains, offering a reusable solution with a 6.6mm width. Upgrade your chain connections with KMC Missing Links.


Model Compatibility Usage Width
DLC 12 Speed KMC, Shimano and SRAM single 5.2 mm
12 Speed SRAM, Shimano and Campy single 5.2 mm
11 Speed KMC, Shimano and SRAM reusable 5.5 mm
10 Speed KMC, Shimano and SRAM reusable 5.9 mm
9 Speed 9speed chains reusable 6.6 mm
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