Leap Components TT Wireless Blip Mounts

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Engineered for aerodynamic efficiency, the Wireless Blips TT Mount from Leap Components is the ultimate upgrade for SRAM AXS time trial setups. This sleek and lightweight mount features an ergonomic and centered design to position wireless blips for optimal accessibility and control. With a durable yet lightweight 3D printed industrial nylon construction, the mount provides a rock-solid home for blips that stays put even under hard efforts. For customization, the mount comes with optional textured grip buttons and machined aluminum installation tools to swap out SRAM's stock buttons. Whether you're chasing every second in an ironman distance triathlon or aiming to set a new best on your favorite time trial course, Leap's Wireless Blip TT Mount delivers pro-level performance and confidence inspiring stability when you need it most. 

SRAM AXS Blips are NOT included.


Weight Mount Blips
  ~24g ~14g
Buttons Grip / Smooth / Small
Clamp Ø18.4 – 20.6 mm / Ø20.6 – 22.4 mm
Material 3D Printed Carbon Filled Nylon (CF15)
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2.5 cm
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