Leap Components Under-Bar Blip Mounts

Article number: 34-02-03
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Bringing wireless shifting to the next level, Leap's Under-Bar Blip Mount is an innovative new clean look alternative for SRAM AXS Blips. With one Blip on the right and left next to your grips, this mount offers better ergonomics and a larger engagement area while maintaining the same position as the original AXS shifters. Expertly crafted with a secure fit to your 22.2mm handlebars, these minimalist mounts with Blips weigh in around 25.5 grams - 53 grams lighter than the stock SRAM units. We recommend pairing with the grip buttons for optimal ergonomic performance. The Under-Bar Blip Mount offers a streamlined setup and clean aesthetic, taking your SRAM AXS shifting to the next level.

SRAM AXS wireless Blips are NOT included.


Weight Mount Buttons
  ~8.5g ~3.1g
Button Option Grip / Smooth / Small / No Button
Material 3D Printed Carbon Filled Nylon (CF15)
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2.5 cm
Blips Weight ~14g
Clamp 22.2 mm
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