Lizard Skins DSP 4.6 Bar Tape

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With version two DSP tape, Lizard skins makes several notable improvements over their popular line of road handlebar tape. Updates to the polymer material and surface pattern give the tape a fresh look while retaining the tactile qualities that have made the previous version of DSP bar tape so popular. The most notable change is in the bar plugs; each plug has been slightly reduced in profile and equipped with a small set screw which threads into a split wedge to expand and fully secure the plug. 

This 4.6mm version is the thickest, most comfortable of the three DSP tape options. This version is recommended for gravel, cyclocross, and all-road disciples where a thicker tape can provide added comfort on rough terrain. Additionally, riders who enjoy longer rides or who simply desire slightly more cushion at the handlebars will benefit from this 4.6mm tape.

Includes two rolls of tape, color-matched bar plugs, clamp cover strips, and premium finishing strips.


Weight per Roll 43 grams
Weight per 100cm 18.6 grams
Weight, Bar Plugs (pair) 19.4 grams
Roll Length 231 cm
Thickness (measured) 4.6 mm
Material Polymer
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